Mark Thorndike – Managing Director
t. 01782 940690 m. 07770 014114

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Having worked with Mark and his team at Pastel Solutions over the last six months, I would not hesitate to recommend the organisation to anyone looking for excellent customer focused service.

Once the initial set up of the contract was complete I expected to be passed over to an account manager to manage my day to day queries and requests, so I am still pleasantly surprised each time Mark personally responds, not to mention the speed in which he gets back to me. On the rare occasion Mark is unavailable, a member of his team is in touch and dealing with my query.

This organisation really has got a refreshing approach to customer service, truly, nothing is too much trouble.

Lindsay McGarry, Administration Manager

When we went out to tender for our mobile services we were naturally looking for a combination of value for Monday and good customer service. Pastel Solutions have delivered on both fronts. They were keen to know our needs and requirements in order to prepare a successful bid, and have followed that followed that through with excellent customer service from transitioning over to a new supplier and handsets, to supporting our users where necessary. We were not a forgotten customer once the customer signed.

John Rutherford, CarersTrust

Michele Nicholson – Business Development Manager
t. 01782 561926 m. 07770 014119

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I would like to on behalf of everyone here at Platinum Care thank you and your team for not only fulfilling all your promises but going above and beyond for us. In business it is often difficult to source suppliers that deliver on time, on budget and go that extra mile in addition to delivering on the promises made. The changeover was smooth and any issues were dealt with timely and efficiently by Michelle who often pre-empt a number of issues that could arise. Again demonstrating that her customers' needs come first. Michelle also took her time to review our existing mobile use and did identify a number of areas that were costing the business money including but not limited to premium rate abuse.

We now have excellent rates with our new provider – Pastel Solutions without losing that personal service which is critical to our success her at Platinum Care. We look forward to a long and successful partnership with both Michelle and Pastel Solutions.

Liam Gately, CEO, Platinum Care

Patrick Brown – Customer Services Manager
t. 01782 565002

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We used Pastel Solutions for our company mobile phone requirements and despite us only requiring 5 x phones, the service they provided was exceptional. Where we have had problems in the past with phones, Pastel dealt with this quickly and efficiently ensuring all issues were resolved with minimum disruption. The main advantage is that we can deal with the same person who arranged our phone contract if we have a problem, and not have to go through switchboards/call centres.

We have recently renewed our phone contract again through Pastel Solutions and the process was painless, helped by the 'one to one' interaction that is so easily forgotten in this day and age.

I have been dealing with the team at Pastel Solutions since June 2007, we are now in our 7th year and have recently moved over from O2 to EE and still expectations are being reached and exceeded. As well as mobiles we have now also signed up with our landlines.

Within our industry it is vital that all phones are operational at all times, when we signed up with Pastel Solutions they promised that if a phone broke or was lost they would have a new phone with us within a 24 hour period, this was a deciding factor in us choosing to proceed with Pastel Solutions. I am glad to say that not once have we been disappointed with this arrangement, even if I have contacted them at 5pm on a particular day a new phone is in the required branch by the next morning without fail.

I personally deal with Mark Thorndike and Patrick Brown.I must say they optimise what I would expect from a supplier. This year when we came to renew our contract, we did not even entertain looking at other suppliers as we have found in the past people promise so much but inevitably fail to deliver. To me, the fact that Mark and Patrick and the rest of the team at Pastel Solutions have never failed to deliver what they have promised is great reassurance and I can confidently recommend Pastel Solutions as a solid and reliable supplier who are experts in their field.

Bradley Environmental Consultants Limited